Announcing Chill v0.1.1

Monday, Apr 18, 2016

Chill v0.1.1 is now available. Chill is a client-side CouchDB library for the Rust programming language.

This release adds support for executing views, meaning an application using Chill can now use CouchDB for interesting work—and not merely as a document store.

This release also adds support for manipulating attachments—though only indirectly, as a consequence of actions that read or update documents. For example, an application can:

  1. Read a document from the CouchDB server,
  2. Insert an attachment to the application’s in-memory representation of the document, and,
  3. Update the document by sending the updated representation to the CouchDB server.

Consequently, the CouchDB server will contain the new attachment.

Here’s the full change_log.

My aim for future releases is to stick to a three-week release train, with each release containing whichever changes happen to make it in to the master branch during that time. I believe this schedule will work well until Chill provides broad coverage of the CouchDB API.

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